About us


Who are we

The beginning of our work dates back to 1998. Given the cronic lack of high- quality lighting techniques and professional staff, the adventure of light shaping and providing people with complete pleasure of tracking different occasions has begun.

In the past, we did over 5000 different manifestations and gained a wealth of experience that today enables our clients perfect realization of their requirements.

We use top-of-the-range devices with great performance to make each event a high level. Working on equipment for demanding events begins with the negotiation of work and preparation, and reflection on all the details as well as the visualization. Realization itself begins one or more days before, and the necessary scenes and effects that will be used are programmed. During the event, our technicians monitor the program and adapt the lighting to individual moments and emphasize the most important details of the program. Similarly, they prepare and agree technical details for a few days, listen to songs and create a light choreography of events or spaces.

We can provide complete production that includes complete equipment such as:

  • Professional lighting
  • Stages of various shapes and dimensions with a complete set design
  • Aluminum structures with skids of different dimensions
  • Branding an Event
  • Different Types and Sound Effects
  • Video canvas of all dimensions, projectors and LCD TVs
  • LEDs of all dimensions, shapes and resolutions
  • Energetics
  • Light decorations

From the first day, maximum attention was focused on educating and training of the staff and the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment from world-renowned manufacturers such as Hog, Martin, Clay Paky, Le Maitre, DTS, Antari, Litec Truss, Robert Juliat ...

11 top-level lighting technicians have been trained in lighting management using the Hog system and are constantly upgraded through additional seminars, trainings and fairs.

During the event itself, attention is focused on security and all equipment is tested and secured by security cords, tensioners, etc.

During a smaller volume of work, all the equipment is checked, cleaned, changed bulbs and consumables, and tested to be 100% correct for your manifestations and delivering maximum performance.

What are we proud of

Expertise, experience & satisfied clients

Apart from the technical aspects, we are following Your event from the very beginning and we are handling all the necessary permits, approvals, power connections, security service, security fences, marketing, etc. Our lead technicians (6) have completed the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FESB, Split) and have work experience of over 15 years on most demanding projects.